• We use a Noritsu S-2 for scanning up to 4000x6000 resolution scans.

  • For higher resolution film scans, we use an Imacon Flextight scanner.

  • For prints and flat art we use an Epson V700.

UNCUT FILM or SCAN w/ processing

  • does not include processing cost
  • all files saved in jpeg format (tif upon request)
  • ask about our web uploading service
  • ask about super high res scanning
  • scanned to CD unless otherwise requested

medium res (1000x1500) – $5.00 ea
high res (2000x3000) – $7.50 ea; $10.00 for 220

SCANNING Cut negative strips

  • 35mm & 120/220(medium format) scans only
  • $5.00 set-up fee per order
  • single-cut negatives are $0.50 extra each

medium res (1000x1500) – $1.00 per image
high res (2000x3000) – $2.00 per image
ultra high res (4000x6000) – $5.00 per image


  • we cannot scan mounted 120 slides and glass-mounted 35mm slides
  • if you want them scanned, we can dismount them
  • $5.00 set-up fee per order

medium res (1000x1500) – $1.00 per slide
high res (2000x3000) – $2.00 per slide
ultra high res (4000x6000) – $5.00 per slide


  • we can scan up to 8x10 large format negatives

FLAT-aRT SCANS (printed photos, etc.)

  • large pieces will be scanned in sections and charged per scan.

under 8.5x11 – $10.00 per scan
over 8.5x11 – $12.00 per scan