Greg Potter

Greg Potter is the owner and head honcho at Citizens Photo. You can find him at the front desk, answering phones or chatting with customers and spending time with his four children and 8 grandchildren.


Greg Foster has been with the company for 40+ years and knows everything there is to know about developing chemicals, processors, racks, reels and the like. If there's a problem, he's the one to call. Greg rides his bike to the lab 9 miles every morning and enjoys model trains and spending time with his granddaughters.




Bruce is our tech guru, also with the company for 40+ years and in charge of setting up all of the computers, servers, and networking behind the scenes at Citizens Photo. He's also the man to contact with any printing questions, as he handles our large format Epson printer.


Got a question about your camera? Tripod? Weird lens? Call Jim here at Citizens Photo! Jim Skates is our used equipment extraordinaire, specializing in everything! He's been at Citizens for over 20 years and he owns more cameras than you can count, and spends his free time up on Mt. Hood skiing with his son, Simon, or walking around Portland photographing the streets.